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This website is my space to post about subjects that interest me, Joshua Gerrity. There isn’t much to see yet, but if you visit again in a few months, you will likely find content on web development, the bible, and perhaps even some apologetic or philosophical subjects. From time-to-time I may also post updates on my personal projects, in case they interest anyone. I am a pretty busy person, so don’t be surprised if content doesn’t come out very often. On the other hand, I do believe the content I publish here will be worth your consideration. Of course, in the end, you will be the judge of that.

About Me

My name is Joshua Gerrity. I’m the web developer for a small, family run and operated kamado grill manufacturing company in Illinois. I’m a graduate of Rock Valley College (Spring, 2020), and I enjoy working in both PHP and JavaScript. I run multiple WordPress websites, including my own personal websites (like this one), and have some experience with WordPress plugin development. Besides software development, programming languages, and computers in general, I also enjoy biblical study. In the Fall of 2012 I studied Biblical Greek through the Institute of Biblical Greek, shortly before Prof. John Schwandt stopped offering online courses. This love led me to create BiblicalWiki.com, a project I started, but unfortunately haven’t found the time to continue working on in some time now.


This list includes projects which are in progress, projects which are on hold, and projects which are complete. By “in progress,” I mean projects which have been worked on in the last year and a half or so, and which I feel I “could” work on any time. By “on hold,” I mean projects which I still have hopes of one day completing, or at least getting to a useful state. By “complete,” I mean projects which I don’t have plans to work on at any point in the future, but which are in a state I believe could be useful to others (so “complete,” as opposed to “abandoned”).

Securi Authorize.net Payment Gateway

State: In Progress
URL: https://github.com/DynAggelos/securi-authorize-net-payment-gateway

A WordPress plugin in very early development. It’s aim is to provide a free Authorize.net connection for WooCommerce, using the latest Authorize.net interfaces, without adding any further PCI burdens to the organization using it. This is something similar free plugins have since failed to do. I hope to correct that, in time.


State: In Progress
URL: https://github.com/DynAggelos/classic_php

A very basic PHP library of helper classes. The aim is to simplify every-day tasks in a way that’s useful in virtually any project. The main focus at the moment is further simplifying connections to the database, when you are using the already excellent PDO class library for that connection. For example, the MySQLPDO_Read class helps you create methods and functions that read data from a MySQL database. It takes the data you want to use to query the database and builds the SQL clauses you need. In this way, it removes a common, yet subtle, task from the developer’s to-do list, not just for one specific project, but for any project which needs to manage code to read database data using a PDO connection.


State: On Hold
URL: https://www.biblicalwiki.com

This project stems from my love of the bible. Or to put that so it’s more universally understood, this project stems from my love for the truth that the bible holds. I have always desired to improve my understanding of what the bible says, as it has far-reaching implications for society, humanity, spirituality, science, logic, etc. It also stems from my appreciation for public domain and other libre content, which I have used freely ever since I first used the Internet. You could say this project is a merging of these two interests.

The Textual Toolbox

State: On Hold or Complete
URL: https://github.com/DynAggelos/The-Textual-Toolbox

An old project aimed at helping those studying source texts in Greek to process those texts according to their needs. The only tool in this “toolbox” at the moment is a tool which converts between Unicode and beta code Greek text. It was started to quickly convert some beta code Greek text which was freely available on the Internet at the time (Byzantine New Testament, anyone?). This project may never be touched again, or it may be. I’m not really sure.

For those who may be interested: this project was the very first project I wrote in JavaScript. I started this before I had any formal training in programming whatsoever. My first draft was a class-less, function-less, single-file program. What a mess that quickly became!